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Education-Only Site: Learn essential financial planning concepts at your own pace with no pressure and no sales pitches (read on).

Wealth Management: For those who want respectful, individualized help, please call John Hauserman at his Financial Council, Inc. (FCI), office (410.821.9200).


The Map:
The RetirementQuest Interactive Map is a planning tool designed to help users gain a firsthand understanding of the financial planning process as viewed by creator John Hauserman, CFP®. The material is presented in a simple format and can be used in the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

Our Resources page provides links to helpful information and websites, including free government publications, the Certified Financial Planning Board's Guide To Financial Self Defense, and our Tools to Consider site (a must-read for investors), which details various investment products in an objective pro/con format. 

In the News:
Follow John Hauserman and RetirementQuest® as we spread the word about the importance of objective, thorough, and competent financial planning.

Original Book:
Check out John Hauserman's book, RetirementQuest: Make Better Decisions, available at Amazon and other book retailers. This easy-to-read volume takes a fresh look at the investment landscape. John overlays basic financial planning tenets against the influences of the modern day, sound bite world, questionable financial industry practices, governmental tinkering, and the historical basis for the shared "boomer psyche."